A full day of informative and inspirational seminar presentations from top coaches and experts on training, nutrition, injury-prevention and more including this year’s keynote featuring 2022 IRONMAN World Champion Chelsea Sodaro!

RACE-MANIA offers endurance athletes a full day of educational presentations on training, nutrition, injury prevention, running, open water swimming and more. Whether you are a recreational athlete or a serious competitor you’ll find tips and guidance to help you tackle your next event with greater confidence and smarts. RACE-MANIA takes place Sunday, 3/12/23, at the Boston University Fit Rec Center in Boston, MA.

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2023 SEMINAR SCHEDULE (presented in the BU Fit Rec Dance Theater)

Colin Cook, USAT Triathlon Coach and 7x IRONMAN World Championship finisher, will speak about finding time to train even when life gets busy. Think you’re time crunched and don’t have the time for endurance events? Think again! Top ranked age group triathlete/Coach Colin Cook will help you learn how you can be a successful endurance athlete, despite living a very busy lifestyle.

TB12 Coaches James Castrello and Matt Denning will present a seminar at RACE-MANIA on March 12, 2023Keep doing the things you love for longer! This seminar is an introduction to the TB12 Method and its application to the racing athlete. We will discuss the 5 Pillars of the TB12 Method: Pliability, Hydration, Nutrition, Cognitive Fitness and functional strength and conditioning. Attendees will learn effective ways to improve their performance and recovery through utilization of the TB12 Method and its pillars. As well as ways to identify and prevent potential pitfalls and injuries down the road and tools to improve overall health and wellbeing, as well as, to continue to perform at their best for longer.

Anne Rollins, dietitian and founder of embodyFitness, discusses what to eat during race week. During this seminar, we will cover what to eat during race week, morning of, during the race and what to have for recovery for various race distances for various running and triathlon distances. This information is for both new athletes, as well as seasoned athletes who may have some race nutrition habits that could be adjusted for improved performance.



Michael Silva, creator of RUNstrong®, will be presenting 'Foundational Health for Runners: The key to Performance' during this year's RACE-MANIA Summit and Expo on March 12, 2023 Every runner has similar goals: run faster, run longer, and don’t get hurt. There is so much advice out there on how to attain these goals. Is it new sneakers, changing your form, or better training programs? After 20 years of working with runners, I realized we are overlooking THE most important thing…Foundational Health. Learn how to get more out of your training, recover faster, perform better, and reduce chance of injury and sickness. All athletes need to learn how to build their health foundation so don’t miss this session!

Often overlooked in the pursuit of discovering your athletic potential is the mental aspect of training. Training for sport and performance typically focuses on the physical: fitness, technique, endurance, strength, and even gear & technology. Yet, your mind is one of the most powerful tools you have to level up, to unleash your potential, and to perform at your best. This thought-provoking and engaging talk will help you dial into mental strengths, guide you toward tools for navigating the pressure and anxiety associated with difficult training & race day, and encourage you to show up at the starting line with the mindset you need to be your best.


Brendan Aylward & Kyle Robidoux will present Making Endurance Sports Accessible during RACEMANIAIn this presentation, Brendan and Kyle discuss strategies to design more accessible events and how you can support the inclusion of adaptive athletes, including strategies to support athletes with visual impairments and organizations that you can become involved with to promote inclusion in endurance sports.

Boston Marathon participant and race director, Dave McGillivrayBoston Marathon race director and participant Dave McGillivray shares his personal experiences running the Marathon for the past 50 years as well as directing. Listen to Dave recall what it has been like running the marathon at night for the past 35 years and being the last finisher each year including the highlights and challenging moments.

RACE-MANIA keynote speaker Chelsea Sodaro crossing the finish line as the 2022 IRONMAN World ChampionIn her short career, Chelsea Sodaro has quickly climbed to the top tier of elite triathlon. A runner by background, Chelsea was an All-American at UC Berkeley and a two-time national champion (2012 Road 10k and 2013 Indoor 3k). During her first professional triathlon season in 2018, she won the Huatulco ITU World Cup, placed on the podium her first 70.3, and followed that up with a win at Ironman 70.3 Indian Wells. The following year, she won the 2019 Ironman 70.3 Santa Rosa (where her 1:16 run split remains as one of the fastest splits in the world), finished as the top American in fourth place at the Ironman 2019 70.3 Championships, and finished the season with two additional 70.3 wins, including the 2019 Ironman South American 70.3 Championship.

After the birth of her daughter in 2021, Chelsea returned to triathlon just 4 months later placing 6th  at IM 70.3 Boulder and 2nd,  with the second fastest debut time in history, at the IRONMAN European Championship in Hamburg, Germany in a time of 8:36:41. In 2022, Chelsea took 1st place among the professional women at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, HI with a time of 8:33:46 making her the first American woman to win since 1996, the first female to take the IRONMAN world title in her first race since 2007 AND the second mom ever to win!


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