Swim, bike and run competitions for teams and individuals offering you an early season test of your endurance

The RACE-MANIA Summit & Expo on March 25, 2018 offers a variety of competitive events to get you pumped for the new season. We’ve got events for teams and individuals, terrific prizes and a fun atmosphere. Boston University’s Fit Rec Center is home base for RACE-MANIA and will host the the cycling and swimming competitions (as well as the RACE-MANIA expo, seminars, clinics & workshops) while BU’s Track & Tennis Center (0.40 mile from the Fit Rec Center) will be the site of the running events. This year’s competitions include:












Fast Splits Indoor Bike Time Trial
Athletes in the FastSplits Indoor Bike Time Trial will affix their bikes to CompuTrainers for a simulated experience of riding on the road… you’ll freewheel on the downhill and feel the tension increase as you climb the hills that make up the 10k course. The TT takes place on the RACE-MANIA expo floor which is located inside Boston University’s Fit Rec Center. Prizes will be awarded to the fastest 3 males and 3 females.

Time: Various heats offered throughout the day beginning at 9:00am

Entry Fee: $30













The Max Performance Indoor Triathlon

The Max Performance Indoor Triathlon invites individual athletes to compete in a “staged” triathlon. Participation will be limited to 20 athletes — 10 men, 1o women (pending demand) — and the triathlon will consist of the following three competitions which will take place throughout the day:

  • The Marathon Sports 1600m Dash– A 1600m dash on Boston University’s 200m indoor track in the Track & Tennis Center located at 100 Ashford Street. This indoor track is one of the fastest around complete with banked turns and a nice “tacky” surface. There will be 2 heats with athletes seeded into heats 1 and 2 based on the time they provide when registering; the first heat will be at 10:30am.
  • The FastSplits Indoor Bike Time Trial – Bring your bike and we’ll affix it to a CompuTrainer and you’ll race a virtual 10k course that simulates the feel of riding the open roads. The TT takes place from the RACE-MANIA expo floor inside BU’s Fit Rec Center and there will be a 9:00am heat for women and a 11:45am heat for men.
  • A 200 yard swim  – A 200 yard swim in the pool inside Boston University’s Fit Rec Center; athlete will swim eight 25 yard lengths; there will be 2 heats with the first heat starting at 1:00pm

Start Times:

  • Men’s Division: 10:30am 1600m Run – 11:45am 10k Time Trial – 1:00pm 200 yard swim
  • Women’s Division: 9:00am 10k Time Trial – 10:30am 1600m Run – 1:00pm 200 yard swim

Prizes: To be awarded to the top 3 males and 3 females based on the combined times in all three events.

Entry Fee: $55

Just for EnteringFREE pair of R1 ROKA swim goggles (a $30 value!) to the first 25 that register!

About Max Performance: Max Performance organizes multisport events throughout New England with an emphasis on organization, professionalism and a truly amazing atmosphere for triathletes of all backgrounds. The Max series includes The Season Opener Tri & Du, The Harvest Tri, Massachusetts State Tri, The Sharon Tri, Title 9 Women only Tri, and Buzzards Bay Tri & Du. Learn more at















The MMRF Team for Cures Team Challenge
The Team Challenge is a unique competition designed for clubs looking for their first team event of the season. The Team Challenge is comprised of 3 competitive events and by registering for the Team Challenge you will enter 4 teammates into each of these events.  The combined time of all 4 team members in an event creates a Team Time and the three Team Times from each of the 3 competitions is added up to determine an Overall Team Time… fastest Overall Team Time wins!

The 2018 Team Challenge is comprised of the following three competitions:

  • The Marathon Sports 4 x 1600m Relay: A 4 x 1600m running relay race where each member of the 4-person team runs a 1600m; this is a traditional relay race with the Athlete 1 running the first 1600m and then handing the baton to Athlete 2 who then runs their 1600m and so forth. There will be 2 heat times — 9;00am and 9:45am.  The fastest 2 teams will be awarded prizes; this event takes place on BU’s indoor track at the Track & Tennis Center which is located at 100 Ashford Street about 0.4 miles from the Fit Rec Center, the site of all other RACE-MANIA events and activities.
  • The FastSplits Indoor Bike Time Trial: Team Challenge teams have 4 members come to the event with their bikes which are affixed to CompuTrainers. Athletes then race a virtual 10k course that simulates the feel of riding the open roads; the TT takes place from the RACE-MANIA expo floor inside BU’s Fit Rec Center
  • The Relay Team Swim Challenge: This is also a traditional relay team race where each member swims 200 yards. Athlete 1 will swim first and once they touch the wall after competing their 8th length of a 25 yard land Athlete 2 will begin swimming and so forth. The fastest 3 teams will be awarded prizes; this event takes place in the pool inside BU’s Fit Rec Center.

Start times: Teams select the configuration of start times for the Swim Challenge, the TT and the 1600m Relay from the list of option on the registration page.

Prizes: To be awarded to the top 3 teams based on their Overall Team Time (Overall Team Time = Team Time in the 1600m Relay + Team Time in the TT + Team Time in the Swim Challenge).

Entry Fee:

  • Collegiate Teams: $200
  • Other clubs/teams: $250

About MMRF Team for Cures: The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) helps accelerate the development of next generation multiple myeloma treatments to extend patient’s lives, and lead to a cure. MMRF brings treatment to multiple myeloma patients 60% faster than the average through collaboration with best in class partners in the US and Internationally. In the process, we are changing the way cancer research is conducted. MMRF, a 501(c)(3), is the number one private funder of multiple myeloma research in the United States.





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